Birth Certificate Pakistan is a partner website of (CIP) working under the control of Justice Law Associates with huge experience in relevant field. The service of CIP came into existence only to provide quality and convenient services with simplicity and using advanced communication techniques within the time limit of clients. is supporting worldwide clients especially the Pakistanis for more than 5 years now.

Our team is focused on client satisfaction and it comes from a clear communication, regular updates and timely completion of process. At we achieve client satisfaction by understanding our client’s needs and successfully meeting those needs.

We are group of lawyers, entrepreneurs and other professionals working together on behalf of our clients to provide the best possible service in Pakistan. CIP has a keen sense of social responsibility, and aim to help Pakistanis across Pakistan but at lowest possible cost with excellent customer support.

We felt the need and demand for a broader offering that would provide something relevant at every stage in the lifecycle of the Pakistanis living abroad and within the country, be it a student, worker, green card holder or any Pakistani National. Chachu-In-Pakistan forced to become a complete concierge service company for all Pakistanis.

From being a service provider that could handle a wide variety of tasks in Pakistan on behalf of customers, the company developed special expertise and found a niche in document procurement and attestation services across the country. It has obtained commonly required documents such as birth certificates, degree certificates and marks transcripts as well as some rarely heard of documents like Non availability of birth certificates from different parts of Pakistan on the behalf of the actual applicants.