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What is NADRA Birth Certificate?

Now in Pakistan only NADRA Birth Certificates are being issued for all applicants. These NADRA Birth Certificate are fully authentic and computerized document and there is no need for Urdu to English translation of NADRA Birth Certificate because they contain both Urdu and English contents.

What information does a NADRA Birth Certificate have?

These NADRA Birth Certificate contain very important family details, like name of father, name of mother, name of grand father, religion, place of birth (city name) and applicant’s current address etc.

Why NADRA Birth Certificate is needed?

NADRA Birth Certificate can be used for Visa process, Immigration Process, NADRA Identity Cards, NADRA Smart Cards, Passports, Marriages, Jobs & Employment, Adoption, Admission in Schools or in case if old original birth certificate misplaced.

Who is eligible to get NADRA Birth Certificate in Pakistan?

Any person born in Pakistan can get NADRA Birth Certificate from concerned authorities by providing all the required documents.

What documents are required for issuance of NADRA Birth Certificate in Pakistan?

To obtain NADRA Birth Certificate in Pakistan following documents can be required:

  • Copy of applicant’s CNIC (if age is above 18)
  • Copy of hospital / old birth certificate
  • Copy of father’s CNIC / NICOP
  • Copy of mother’s CNIC / NICOP
  • Copy of applicant’s current passport (if available provide as additional document to prove place of your birth)
  • Filled and signed application form to submit in concerned issuing department (duly attested by BS-17 and above officer)
  • If born in home please also provide an affidavit from parents with CNIC copies of 2 witness

What is the procedure to obtain NADRA Birth Certificate in Pakistan

NADRA is not directly issuing birth certificates and following authorities in different cities and areas are fully authorized to issue NADRA birth certificate using NADRA installed systems:

  • Union Councils in all districts and major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi
  • Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs) in few cities and areas
  • CDA (Capital Development Authority) in Islamabad
  • Cantonment Boards in cantonment areas

How long it takes for issuance of NADRA Birth Certificate in Pakistan?

There is not any specific time period for issuance of NADRA birth certificate in Pakistan. But depending upon the case this process can take approx. 5-10 working days for completion.

Can I check Sample Format of NADRA Birth Certificate Pakistan?

CLICK HERE to check sample of NADRA Birth Certificate Pakistan. Format of NADRA Birth Certificate is same all over in Pakistan.


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