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What is Police Character Certificate Pakistan?

A Police Character / Clearance Certificate in Pakistan is an official document which can be obtained from the relevant police department in a country to check the criminal record that the applicant may or may not have. In Pakistan police character certificate is also known as “character certificate” of good conduct. Applicants have to submit an application form along with all the required documents and other important information to request a police character certificate from concerned police department in Pakistan.

Why Police Character Certificate Pakistan is needed?

A police character certificate is mainly used for migration to other countries / Immigration process, for Entry Visa in many countries, for job / employment on employer’s request, for joining a business in many countries, for joining the university and for many other legal matters.

What is the validity period or expiry of a Police Character / Clearance Certificate in Pakistan?

Police character certificate Pakistan is valid for three months OR may be for six months (depending upon the issuing authorities) from its date of issue and after this period applicant will have to obtain a fresh copy of police character certificate (if needed).

What documents are required for issuance of Police Character / Clearance Certificate Pakistan?

  • Copy of CNIC (Pakistani ID Card) from applicant
  • Copy of CNIC from father & mother
  • Copy of passport from applicant
  • CNIC copies from any two neighbours (witnesses)
  • An application form (filled and signed by the applicant)
  • Latest passport size photographs of applicant
  • Copy of any utility bill

Note: Concerned police department can ask for any additional document like affidavits etc if needed.

How long it takes for issuance of Police Character Certificate Pakistan?

There is not any specific time period for issuance of police character certificate in Pakistan. But depending upon the case this verification process can take approx. 7-15 working days for completion.

Cities where we can assist

We can assist you in issuance of Police Character Certificate from Karachi Police, Lahore Police, Islamabad Police, Rawalpindi Police and all major cities of Pakistan.

How Pakistani Police Character Certificate looks like?

CLICK HERE to view Sample of Police Character Certificate Pakistan.


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