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Degree attestation from HEC Islamabad is often required when applying for work, study or immigration in US and Canada and other countries. Degree and Transcripts attestation from HEC Islamabad is also required for WES (World Education Services) evaluation of credentials. For WES applicant need a set of HEC attested photocopies of degree and transcripts in sealed envelope from HEC along with attestation of originals.

For degree attestation from HEC Islamabad, availability of all original certificates and marksheets is mandatory requirement (from matric to last degree). HEC is very strict in this attestation process and will never attest your degrees and transcripts if any one of your certificate or marksheet is missing or if there is any major mismatch in particulars i.e. spellings etc.

Requirements for Degree Attestation from HEC Islamabad:


– Printout of Application Form of the same day.
– Original SSC, HSSC, Bachelor Degree and Onwards along with Result cards/ DMCs/ Transcripts.
– Set of Photocopies of Above listed documents for HEC record.
– Copy of Computerized National Identity Card/ Passport (in case of Foreign Nationals).
– Equivalence of HEC in case of Bachelor or Master Degree, etc. from abroad or Deeni Asnaad.
– In case a degree has not been issued, the Detailed Marks Certificate/Transcript can be attested provided:

  • Verification letter from the Controller of Examinations of the concerned university is attached.
  • The applicant has passed degree programme within the three years from the date of commencement of examination.

– In case application is being submitted by a person other than the degree holder, the following documents are required:

  • Authority letter duly attested by a Grade 17 officer for the authorized person.
  • Copy of the Computerized Identity Card of the Authorized person.

– For attestation of “Shahadatul Almiya fil uloomm al Arabia wal Islamia” please enter particulars of Middle, Aama, Khasa in the online application form and attach equivalence given by HEC.
– For attestation of “Equivalence letter” issued by HEC, attach original Equivalence letter along with attested copies of all documents.
– For the attestation of “CPSP Fellowship/Membership” certificate get it verified from the controller of examinations of CPSP before submitting to HEC.

Note: HEC attests original documents first then photocopies. No request for the attestation of photocopies would be entertained without the attestation of original documents.

Source: HEC Official Website


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