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Sales Tax Registration  – Sales Tax e-Filing – Sales Tax Refunds

Registration of Sales Tax Following sectors are required to get registration for sales tax and charge sales tax on their supplies / services:

  • Manufacturing
  • Import
  • Services
  • Distribution, Wholesale & Retail stage

Liability to Sales Tax Every person in above mentioned sectors, who makes a taxable supply in Pakistan is required to be registered under the Sales Tax Act and file their monthly sales tax returns electronically using e-filing facility of FBR. Sales Tax Refunds In many cases where the Input Tax exceeds from the Output Tax due, from taxpayer within a tax period because of exports or other zero-rated supplies, the excess tax amount of input is refunded back to the taxpayer within 45 days.

NTN Registration – Income Tax Return Submission ( e-filing )

Registration of NTN can be done Online by visiting Official FBR Website Income Tax e-filing system is also user friendly and very easy to understand for common taxpayers. Comprehensive help and information is also available on Official FBR website to file Income Tax Returns easily.


Sales Tax Lawyer - Income Tax Lawyer - PakistanAlthough, all required information is available on FBR official website about Registration of Sales Tax, Income Tax, Monthly Submission of Sales Tax Returns ( e-Filing of Sales Tax ), Income Tax Returns ( e-Filing of Income Tax ), Annual Submission of Sales Tax Returns, Income Tax Returns, Sales Tax Refund Claims and other tax related information. Still if you need assistance and consultancy services for all Sales Tax and Income Tax related matters please feel free to contact our professional and experienced team for an efficient service with reasonable consultancy charges. You can contact us through email, fax, phone or by submitting you inquiry at our website. Click on “Submit here” button below to submit your inquiry.

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